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"If you can accept others for who they are and not what they look like, why can't you do that for yourself?"
- Skydoesminecraft


Tell the boy I love, I loved him. Despite the fire I fuelled, the arguments I caused and the hatred I gave.

Tell him, I have never felt safer than when I was held tight in his arms. Tell him that there will probably be a million other girls and I would wish all of them were me, because I could love him over and over again.

Tell him he was all I had, and now that I don’t have him, I have nothing. Tell him it’s fair, I deserve it. Tell him that his curly brown hair, his freckles and the stars in his eyes are immeasurable and that no girl could count them like me.

But most of all, tell the boy I loved, that I love him.


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i think the best feeling is when you make someone that you like a lot laugh and their face lights up and they start giggling and you’re really happy that you were able to make someone so beautiful smile so much

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"You only know that you’re in love when you suffer."

~Miguel Sousa (via sensitizes)

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